It is exciting to see everyone returning to the gym and happy as that makes us, it also presents the coaches with some challenges.  For social distancing reasons we cannot share equipment and must maintain a 6-foot distance from other gym members during workouts.

For some workouts this is not a problem but for workouts like Wednesday’s with over-booked classes like the 5am, it presents real challenges!

We’re trying the best we can to be adaptive in order to make sure everyone can access the classes they wish to attend.  With COVID cases in the province mildly increasing (but not alarmingly) it is too soon to relax safety measures and increase class sizes.

Our solution for Wednesday’s muscle-up-kettle bell AMRAP is to split the class into two segments with the registered members and wait-listers completing the same workout at different times.  Here’s how it’s going to look:

A Group: Kettlebell
B Group: 1 Dumbbell (35/50#)

Warm Up
1 min OS Push Ups
1 min Lat Pull Ups
1 min Judo Push Ups
1 min Russian KB Swings
1 min Ring Support

Muscle Up or Pull Up+Ring Dip or Ring Row+Push Up
KB Swing

15 min AMRAP
7 MU
32 KB Swings

1 mile Single Dumbbell Carry AFSAP (not for time)
Carry one 35/50lb dumbbell on your body 1 mile anyway you want, change as you like but try not to set it down at anytime.

Group A will begin in the gym with the warm up and the AMRAP while Group B will begin with the 1 mile carry.  When Group B finishes, they will spray down the dumbbells and leave them outside for Group A.  Group B will wait outside until Group A has exited the gym.

At the end of the 15 min AMRAP, Group A will spray down their stations and equipment, put away their kettlebells and proceed outside where they will find the dumbbells left by Group B.

When Group A finishes the 1 mile carry they will spray down the dumbbells and wait outside until Group B has completed the WOD, put away their equipment and exited the gym.  Then Group A will return the dumbbells to their racks (except the 5am class which can leave dumbbells outside for the 6am class).

Thank you everyone for your patience and cooperation.  Under the circumstances we really appreciate the cheerfulness with which you’ve embraced the logistical challenges of training while maintaining safety protocols.   Please continue to practice conscientious registration and cancellation practices so that everyone can get into classes!