June 15 2015

In the aftermath of yesterday’s food choices my low back was very stiff & sore.  It is the price I must pay.

Up at 4am before the alarm.  A good thing too.  Busy morning.  After a quick breakfast hurried to work.  A very hot Vancouver day.  Had to lay out all the mats and get set up for group classes.  Lots of folks tackled one of the 2 hero WOD options most notably Aquagirl you came early & stayed late to complete Servais solo!

I had fundamentals then The Touch & I hot a WOD together.

Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Weighted Pull Up 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

For time’s sake we alternated between the shoulder press & the pull ups.  It was fun to have some competition.  Usually I am a bit stronger on the shoulder press & The Touch is a bit stronger on the weighted pull ups but it has been a long time since we did maxes on either of these.

The Touch tied his shoulder press max with 155#.  Impressive.  My previous max was 160# about a year ago.  Today got a personal best with 165#.  It was a good lift but during it I strained the 2nd smallest toe on my left foot.  Not kidding.  The pain was sharp as a broken toe.  It’s not a toe that gets a lot of use so I don’t feel it much but every now and then through the day I got a sharp reminder.  Never heard of a shoulder press toe strain before.

The Touch managed a 95# weighted pull up, not his best.  I got 105#, also not my best but nothing left in the tank after that.  I totaled 270# both lifts combined and called it a good day.

After the noon class I scrambled to get some work done then walked home taking a shady route off Dunbar.  Stopped home briefly then off to pick up Kaelin.  Back home we ate quickly, took a fast shower to cool down then caught the bus back to CrossFit so I could get more work finished before the evening classes.

Between the 6pm & 8pm classes I used 30 minutes to briefly go through my eccentric holds.  Also played around with a handstand pressing into a handstand.  This wound up irritating my right wrist though I wouldn’t feel it until the next morning.

Big Cat gave us a lift home after the 8pm.  Kaelin & I ate then readied for bed as we awaited Sunghee’s return from a long day on set in Langley.

Exhausted, I slept quickly & deeply.

Bulgogi, berries & coconut milk

Breakfast #2
Bulgogi, berries & coconut milk
Bulgogi, banana, berries & coconut milk
Lunch #2
Bulgogi & kimchee, berries & coconut milk, cherries (thanks Bob)
Dinner #1
Bulgogi, berries & coconut milk
Dinner #2
Elk Pepperoni, berries & coconut milk, small piece chocolate (thanks Joanne!) & 2 small slices cheese