Our Empower Masters athletes had a great first day at the 2019 CanWest Games.

The weather was HOT!!!
You’d think a competition filled with uber-fit people would be an ego-fest but it’s not like that at all.  CrossFit is humbling and we all get our weaknesses tested so everyone is down-to-earth, friendly and having fun.  We had enjoyed catching up, commiserating, congratulating, complimenting, teasing and trash-talking with friends from previous years.

Going Big was the men’s first event.  We had 6-minutes and 3 attempts to establish a 1 rep max clean & jerk.  Colossus put up 195lbs and then 205lbs, cleaned 210lbs and wisely decided not to continue as 205 was enough to put him in the mix.  Super Mario opened at 225lbs, missed his first attempt at 230lbs before making it on his 3rd.  WOD Father opened at 225lbs, then 235lbs and finished at his goal of 245lbs.  Water Boy hit a personal best at 210lbs and Sandman did too, putting up 220lbs!

Going Big was the second event for the women and they were not going to be outdone.  Both Motor and Silk made all three of their lifts and both finished with personal bests.  Motor opened at 115lbs, then 120lbs and finished with 125lbs.  Silk opened at 120lbs, then 125lbs and then 130lbs.  I swear both women looked better with each lift, their heaviest lifts looking easier than their opening lifts!  What a show!
Bullet Proof was brutal.  Out in the open field under the relentless sun, Motor & Silk had to tackle this WOD at the hottest time of the day.  The men were dreading it.  Even though we lucked out and got to do it in a slightly cooler temperature, this WOD was probably the most gruelling of the weekend.  With a 12-minute time cap (14 minutes for the 50+ divisions):

200 ft Shuttle run
150 DU
400ft shuttle (shuffle) run
25 KB Snatches Left
25 KB Snatches Right (1/1.5 pood)
600ft shuttle (stagger) run
20 1-arm DB Thrusters Left
20 1-arm DB Thrusters Right (35/50lbs)
800 ft shuttle (crawl) run
50ft 1-arm DB Overhead lunge

None of us made it through.  WOD Father managed 250 reps.  Sandman got 229.  Waterboy was behind Sandman but ahead of Super Mario.  Some of the smaller, faster guys that he out-lifted beat him in this one but, Colossus made a big push at the finish and managed to finish ahead of two of the big men who out-lifted him in the first event.

All-in-all, a great first day for our athletes.  Our teams the 3 Decades & Barbell Ninjas start their events early Saturday morning and our Masters will return for events #3 & #4 tomorrow afternoon.  Come out to cheer us on if you get the chance:)