This Saturday we get to work on one of the newer benchmark workouts, Andi. We have one hundred reps of:  hang power snatches, push presses, sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP), and front squats on the menu. The stimulus for this workout is going through all 400 reps as fast as possible with good technique. Come in with a plan for breaking up your sets.

Both the snatches and push presses are taxing on the shoulders. Moreover, 100 snatches result in fatigued forearms, and later you will need your forearms for doing the sumo deadlift high pulls. Choose a weight that allows you to do larger sets consistently through the workout. You also have the option of scaling the workout for lower reps of each movement (e.g., 75 or 50).



For those of you on zoom, you can do all movements using dumbbells, or an object like a backpack. 



See you all in group classes, on zoom or in the open gyms.



Big Cat


Warm Up, 1 min each

– Shoulder pass throughs

– Full body rocks

– Hip swings

– PVC over head squats

– Sotts presses



-Hang power snatch

-Push press

-Sumo deadlift high pull

-Front squat




For time:

-100 hang power snatches

-100 push presses

-100 SDHP

-100 front squats



Cool down

–  Shoulder circles

–  Trunk rotation

–  Dragon pose/pigeon pose

–  Downward dog/child pose