For Thursday’s workout we have another make up day. If you are anything like me, you are probably feeling a little tired from all the workouts we have done. And we have a few more tough ones coming up please come prepared with a plan.

On Tuesday I was very proud to see how hard everyone pushed on friendly Fran. It was a very tough day in the office and you all did a great job of getting through it. We had three athletes that were able to finish the whole workout as prescribed and they are Hardrock, Brick and Dr T!

Special shout out to them and to all of you that came in or zoomed in for this new version of Fran. For this make up day we have some big workouts to choose from but if you are feeling tired like me forty minutes of slips may be the best choice for you.

  1. Front squat


1000m Row


  1. Friendly Fran

3 rounds

21 Thrusters 85/115

21 C2B


  1. Damn Diane

3 rnds

15 Deadlifts 205/315

15 Strict Deficit HSPU @ 2/3.5”


  1. 40 Mins Slips


  1. Death by burpee