On Thursday you will have an opportunity to take on a workout you missed or develop a skill.  We were lucky to have another good cycle of workouts. For me Lane was the most fun and the four rounder looked so enjoyable by all that took it on Tuesday.

Your bonus will be a twenty minute every minute on the minute (EMOM) of ten burpees and twenty kettle bell swings.  How this will work,  is on the even minute you will do the burpees and on the odd minute you will do the kettle bell swings ( see videos below). You don’t have a set weight. Make sure to choose something that will be challenging and for the zoomer think about swinging an odd object. Depending on how odd it is you may need to do a chest height swing rather than going overhead.

I have talk a lot about how to best tackle make up days from a tactical perspective in previous blogs, but for today where is your mindset? Is having a big victory the only way you will enjoy your session? Does it need to be warm out? Or are you ready to come in an put your best effort in regardless of external circumstances?  Mind set can greatly Impact the outcome of your workout and day. Think about: what is your personal bright spot from today’s session? We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


  1. Lane

5 rounds

Max Hang Power Snatch


Rest as needed


  1. 4 rounds

15 GHD or V Sit ups

30 Thrusters

45 double unders


  1. OHS


20 minutes of slips


  1. 20 minute EMom

Even minutes 10 Burpees

Odd minutes 20 KBS