Jan 1, 2021 @ your time & place.


Place large mug of water by side.

Hit shuffle on Playlist


60 bear crawl steps

1 min wall sit

1 min plank knee in to leg raise (switch legs each rep)

WOD 4 rounds of:

21 odd household object ground to overhead (g2oh)

21 air squats with high knee

21 sumo burpees

21 reverse lunges

WOD Notes:  Grab a sack of potatoes, book, trusty backpack,  log, stone or a dumbbell for the g2oh; use weight that allows for steady, largely unbroken reps.  For sumo burpee see # 4 in link for demo but, unlike demo take a second to own bottom of squat position, keep chest up, heels down on floor, drive knees out, then stand tall out of the squat before repeating – or select another burpee option from list in link. One-legged burpees are tough!

Cool Down:  Go for 15 min walk in your neighbourhood.  Think about year ahead.  Are there specific goals you want to work on in Athletics?  If so, let me know and we’ll focus your 2021 workouts around it!

Look forward to seeing you in the gym and continuing to work on our fitness!

Start where you are.  Do what you can.  Keep Going!