A. Broomstick Warm-Up:

3 rounds for quality.  Slightly increase speed each round.

10 Shoulder pass throughs

10 Leg swings side to side and forward and back – flag pole broomstick for balance or grasp chair

10 Broomstick Overhead Squats

No broomstick? Grab a long belt, a light tension workout band, golf club, hockey stick …..

B. Bodyweight Warm-Up:

1 round:

50 marching steps

40 lunges

30 air squats

20 push-ups

50 marching steps

WOD:  20 min amrap (as many rounds/reps as possible)

4 strict pull-ups

8 burpees

12 step back weighted lunges

Cool Down:

Ab Circuit.5

Complete 1-4 rounds of:

10 leg raises, 20 sit-ups, 30 flutter kicks, 40 knee to elbow, 50 second plank

Stretch: :30 each side: Dragon/Pigeon/Lying Hamstring and :60 Angel belly breathing

WOD Notes:

Goal is steady movement throughout. Only real break should be pull-ups.  For lunges, hold DB horizontally at chest, hands on both ends of dumbbell, use weight that provides a steady unbroken challenge.  Home sub options for pull-ups if needed: 4 bent over rows per side with heavy dumbbell or 8 hard ring rows or towel rows.  To minimize noise of burpees if people underfoot, quickly step back, get chest and thighs to floor, step in and up and reach high to sky, repeat speedily.  It works!

No equipment workout version: 8 odd object rows, 8 burpees, 12 odd-object step-back lunges. Odd objects found in home include a pillowcase or backpack bag filled with books or a sack of rice.  If no objects at hand, complete 8 tri-cep dips off a sturdy chair or table and 24 body weight step back lunges.