Dear Friends,

You’ve likely heard the news.  Mandatory closure of gym group classes til at least November 23, 2020.  We speculated it might happen in Friday’s class and joked about making the most of the wod at hand “just in case”. And you did.  Good work all!  Adjust we must.  It might be tempting to take a break and “get back to it when the time comes.”   The couch is especially cozy on these dark nights and a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies or wine and eat cheese by the fire will certainly beckon. But coming back from a break is hard.  Let’s not!  To cover this temporary closure Athletics will switch to Zoom classes of workouts doable at home, details posted to blog the day before. Class times the same, with the exception of November 11, 2020.  Check CrossFit Empower Calendar for updates.  If there is a class time you’d rather see, please let me know.

Personal training is currently still allowed in the gym.  Contact us for packages if this option will also help you bridge the gap.

To growing stronger and more fit by day, no matter the means!

Sunday Athletics 11.08.2020 11:15am Zoom

*Home version below

WOD Notes: Use pull-up/push-up progression that let’s you keep moving in sets of 5-10.  Squat and lunges sets of 10 plus.

Warm Up:

10 Full Body Rocks to Sky Reach (up on tippy toes and reach up high) followed by 50 Marching Steps with vigorous arm swing plus two reps of each movement with one burpee inbetween

Forty plus

40 Pull-Ups

300 meter run

40 Cross-Crawl push-ups

300 meter run

40 Alternating Single Arm DB Squat Cleans

300 meter run

40 Toes to Bar

300 meter run

40 Goblet Lunges

300 meter run

Ab Circuit: 

3 rounds:  Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds

20 weighted sit-ups or regular sit-ups

20 leg lifts over Dumbbell or line on floor

20 cross-touch dead-bugs

60 second plank (alternate left, center, right)

Cool Down:

High five! Drink water.  Down Dog, Hamstring/Quad Stretch/Child’s pose, Belly Breathing,

Home Gym: 

  • Pull up modifications:  40+ ring rows/40 bent over dumbbell rows (each side, complete in sets of 5-10 before switching arms), odd object rows, banded rows
  • 300 m run = 15 burpees or 25 mountain climbers or 90 seconds skipping or low step ups/marching.
  • Regular push ups will do!
  • Alternating Arm DB Squat Cleans = In lieu perform weighted squats with a somewhat heavy household object held to chest or complete a 100 air squats – controlled.
  • Toes to bar = lying hip raises
  • Goblet lunges – use a heavy(ish) household object (i.e. can get 10 reps unbroken) and hold tight to chest i.e. filled backpack or complete a 100 body weight lunges, alternating legs.

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