Friday Fitness.  Bring it on! Planning to workout before you hit the weekend?  Great WODs on tap at the gym tomorrow.  Sign up, get it done and feel great for it.  Here for you!

Athletics F45

4pm 1.29.21

Warm Up:

Repeat for 5 minutes:

3 walk outs with press back

5 get up jumps

7 squats to high knee

WOD: 7 rounds*

400 Meter Run
20 Alternating Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches (10 Each Side)
10 Double Dumbbell Burpees

*:30 second rest between rounds – do slow cross-crawls or head nods/rotations with belly breathing in rest period.

WOD Notes:  Run alternatives are 500m row/bike/ski or 2:30 cardio effort at home. Select dumbbell weight that allows for unbroken, but challenging reps i.e. last couple a doable push.  Subs for Hang Power Snatch are Single Arm Russian Dumbbell Swings  or Odd Object Ground to Overhead  Burpees can be completed with one object – it is a deadlift up and no jump! Goal of rest period is to encourage us to push it a bit harder knowing there is a recovery period, albeit short, before hitting it again. If we don’t want the rest, let’s ask ourselves, could I go a tad harder?

Cool Down:

45 cross-touch dead bugs and :45 second center plank

10 slow bird dogs into a :60 child’s pose