One step closer to Spring friends! What better month to focus our fitness efforts than February? It may feel a tough slog and like a warm sunny day will never come but, it will and, when it does we’ll be ready to peel off those layers and make the most.  In the meantime, let’s keep dialing it in by gym. Take care of that heart and soul!

Monday 6pm Feb 1.2021!

Warm Up:

7 mins on repeat:

10 Full Body Rocks

5  Get-ups

10 Cross-Touch Squats


20 x 5*

Med Ball (MB) Ground to Overhead

Med Ball Step-up

Med Ball Sit-Ups

Med Ball Cleans

*complete 10 Burpees over Med Ball between rounds

WOD Notes:  Flow:  Complete 20 reps of each movement then 10 burpees over MB (step over MB or do 10 regular burpees if better range of motion) 5 times.  If first round takes around 10 mins, let’s reduce reps by 2 each round (18-16-14-12). MB ground to overhead and MB cleans can be completed with a single Dumbbell i.e. snatches 10 per side/squat cleans 10 per side or use a light weight barbell for these two movements.  Can sub one DB for Step-Ups and Sit-Ups.  Key is to find challenging weight that let’s you keep moving with good form in sets of 10 minimum.

Cool Down: 

1 min each:  head nods/rotations, slow speed skaters, elbow rolls, rocking sloth push-ups, lying pigeon (30 seconds per side) commando breathing.