Friday45 4pm 12.11.20

Take some time for yourself this Friday.   A great thing about committing to a workout is that it gives you a break away from all that calls.   A chance to recharge is bestowed upon you.  Troubles often seem more manageable after a shot of wod endorphins. Sometimes you may even feel invincible by the end!  Here is a quick wod to finish off your week.  Cobwebs be gone.  Weekend here you come!

Warm Up: 3 minute mountain:

1 full body rock to stand with side reach, shoulder roll and squat, then 2 reps, then 3, 4, 5 … x 3 mins

WOD: Just Another Minute

6 Rounds:

1 min elevated push-ups

1 min weighted get -ups

1 min plank knee-in to leg sky lift

1 min single arm russian kettlebell swings

1 min weighted glute bridges

1 min rest

Total WOD time = 36 mins

Cool Down:  :60 sec reaching child’s pose plus 2 mins prone breathing

WOD Notes:   Just focus on one minute at a time.  Switch arms on Russian KBS after 30 seconds or alternate arms per round.  If subbing movements, consider transition time from one movement to the next. We want exercises that flow into eachother with minimal set-up.

Let’s find sometime to put our feet up this weekend (after working out!).  Have a good one!