First Friday45 WOD of 2021!

Looking at a basic triplet workout to get us back in the habit of Friday afternoon fitness.  Strong start friends!

4pm 1.8.2021 (45 minutes)

Warm Up:  

2 rounds of:

1 min rocks, 1 min down dog leg lifts, 1 min hamstring rollouts, 1 min scapular retractions, 1 min get ups, 1 min cross-crawls


Buy-in: 100 prisoner squats (or max reps in 5 minutes)

Into:  21 min amrap

100 m Double Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry

20 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts

30 Ab Mat Sit-Ups

Buy Out: 50 Bird Dogs and 50 Rocks (break-up as wished i.e. 10 Birds and 10 Rocks x 5)

Stretch:  60 second child’s pose and 60 seconds prone breathing.

WOD Notes:  Aim to carry same weight you deadlift (max #50/#35).  On the carry, take 1 quick break at the 50 meter mark to shake out arms if needed.  Find deadlift weight that allows you to complete quick sets of 10 thereabouts.  In gym subs to consider are 15 toes to bar for sit-ups and a :60 second bar hang for Farmer’s Carry. Home Gym: walk about for :90 seconds with a heavy bag or weight in bear hug position or do static hold.  Find odd object to deadlift.  Anchor feet for sit-ups.