A Metaphor for Life

Life is a round of golf.
Some days are better than others.
You can choose to be content,
or angry at yourself for trying your best.

Anger will get your nowhere.
The game will not stop for you.
A man’s game never turns around after he starts
self loathing.

On the wettest day, putting on flooded greens,
there will still be someone enjoying it.
Across the world is a man throwing his clubs
on a manicured fairway. Which man will improve?

You will always notice better clubs in the shops,
and better swings on the tours,
but you will never be happy until you accept yours.

  • Joey Wurm, age 16.

3.12.2021 4pm

Warm Up:

10 Full Body Rocks, 20 scapular retractions, 25 hamstring roll-outs, 30 glute bridge walk-outs, 35 flutter kicks, 40 jumping jacks into 3- 5 reps of each wod movement to select weights.


Buy in:  800 m run/row/ski/bike or fast exaggerated walk x 4 mins (200m route x 2)

5 Sets:

10 kettlebell sumo squats

20 ring rows

3 Sets:

20 weighted lunges

10 DB Three Way Raise

Buy Out:  Repeat Buy-in

AB Out:

5 x 60 second plank

5 x 20 weighted glute bridges

Alternate between plank and glute bridges until 5 sets of each completed. Reduce sets to 2 if time constraints.

WOD Notes:  Squeeze glutes hard and pause for a solid second at top in glute bridges before lowering.  Ensure slow, controlled lift off floor with sumo squats, look out at horizon, keep chest up, lats tight and kb close to body, stand up fully tall each rep.  Use heaviest weight for squats and lunges that allows unbroken reps. Complete 10 reps of each raise before moving to next.

Subs: KBS for lunges or weighted step-ups. 7 strict pull-ups for ring rows.

Low cardio option:  replace buy-in/out with a 5 minute reset of:  1 min hands and knees rock, 1 min frog roll,1 min bird dogs, 1 min speed skaters, 1 min bar hang.

Cool Down:  dragon/pigeon/thread the needle/child’s pose, hydrate/high five!