4pm 3.26.21

Warm Up:

5 mins on repeat:

10 full body rocks

10 cross crawl squats

10 air ground to overhead

10 sit-ups


  • 400 m run
  • 16 single dumbbell front squats
  • 18 single dumbbell ground to overhead
  • 20 cross touch dead bugs with head up

WOD Notes:  Hold dumbbell in front rack position for squats. Complete 8 reps on one side then switch.  Place dumbbell on floor between legs for ground to overhead and hoist it above head with hands on both sides of dumbbell.  Keep bell close to body.  In gym subs = light weight barbell front squat and snatch or use an odd object i.e. plate, med ball or  dumbbell snatch 9 per side.

Home Gym:  Use a backpack, filled sack, or other household object for squats and ground to overhead. Run subs = 2 min running in place, 15 burpees or get-ups, high energy marching or cross crawls or mix thereof.

Cool Down: 

20 slow bird dogs, 10 head nods, 10 rotations, down dog to pigeon, hold child’s pose :60 seconds with focused belly breathing – then go have a great weekend!