Friday45 4pm 3.5.21 4pm

Warm Up:

300 m easy row

20 full body rocks, increasing speed

10 get up jumps

5 burpees


800 m row into:

5 rounds

20 odd object over the shoulder throws

20 odd object squats

Out with: 800 m row

WOD Notes: Working on keeping ourselves mobile picking things up off the floor with the over the shoulder throws.  It is worth it! Odd objects in the gym for this movement are sandbags, slam balls, and medicine balls.  Subs to consider: ground to overhead with plate, DB or light barbell snatches, DB or Barbell squats. Low cardio option = in/out with 5 mins of ring rows.


5 Plank walk ups

10 Lying knees to chest

10 Crunch ups

10 Cross-touch sit-ups

Cool down:  200 m walk. Drink 4 oz water. Have a good Friday night!