On my way to post this workout I read Corey’s blog about Thunder’s hospitalization.  It has been so great working out with Thunder and her partner Lightening in the gym and I am just so sad and sorry to hear this news.  My heart goes out to her, Lightening and their girls.  Sending help and all healing energy their way.

4pm Friday November 13, 2020

Warm Up:

2 Rounds:

5 Full-Body Rocks to Stand

5 Stand-Ups

10 Cross Touch Squats

10 Sit-Ups

10 Samson Lunges


60 Single Arm DB OH Lunges

120 Lateral Hops over DB

60 Weighted Sit-ups

60 DB Russian Twists

120 Lateral Hops over DB

60 Single Arm DB OH Lunges

6 minute Bear Hug Walkabout

WOD Notes:

Use weight for overhead lunges that allows you to keep arm locked out overhead, no bend in elbow, aim for 15 reps before switching sides.  Subs for hops are: step overs, step ups, lateral shuffles in low squat 120 steps. For sit-ups/twist use a weight that let’s you keep moving; go weightless or do a mix of weight and no weight to accomplish.   Have timer at ready for bear-hug walks.  For this movement you want to hug an object with some weight (DB/Sandbag/filled pack) i.e. 20+ pounds to your chest, standing tall and not letting go for 6 mins, take small walks around your home in process, though static hold ok if shy on space.  If a break needed, stop timer, rest and re-start until 6 mins accumulated.

Cool Down:

10 slow birds into dogs into :30 per side thread the needle, seated calf stretch 10 reps per side, 20 shoulder rolls forward and back, :30 per side pigeon pose, :60 angel breathing.