Solid effort last week all! So great to have you in the gym. Thanks for coming out. Stronger by day you are!


Taking on weighted glute bridges in Monday’s workout.  Do you do glute bridges on the reg?  It is a good staple to add to your cool downs or warmups as it packs a lot of bang for your buck! The key is not to rush the movement and make sure you get a squeeze and 2 second pause at the top.  Here are 6 top reasons to make the glute bridge a staple in your fitness regime.

  1. Helps you stand tall! Days spent sitting lead to weak glute muscles and subsequently tight hip flexors. When glute muscles get weak from being trapped in a chair, the hip flexors in the front of your thighs tighten, pulling you forward, which causes slouching as the glutes must now struggle to keep you upright.  Fire up your glutes with bridges and your lower back muscles responsible for holding your body upright will stay strong, keeping your posture upright.
  2. Keeps “your shape.” Bridges work the gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in the buttocks.  In other words, it keeps your buttocks tight, a state of affairs you may possibly want for various reasons!?
  3. Helps relieve low back pain by strengthening your hamstrings, which when tight and out of whack cause back problems.
  4. Are a good substitute for squats and let you safely work on the muscles in your posterior chain, when squatting or deadlifting is off the table.
  5. You’ll run faster and jump higher with the additional strength it affords your hip and leg muscles.
  6. It is super easy to perform, be it using just body weight, a dumbbell or barbell. It is quick to get into.   Some report feeling a bit self-conscious with this movement but toss that aside, really and truly, it is for the greater good! Bridge it and reap the rewards.

9.27.2020  11:15 am

Sunday Morning Run

800 m run

40 Incline push-ups/40 DB or ring push-ups

800 m run

40 DB Russian twists/40 weighted ab mat situps*

800 m run

40 Alternating single arm DB Thrusters/40 Alternating single arm DB Front Rack squats

800 m run

40 med-ball dead-bugs/:40 plank

WOD notes: 

Break up couplets as wished i.e. 10 incline push-ups/10 DB push-ups x 4 or 20 thrusters/20 squats x 2 or 40 and 40 each movement.

Run substitutes are equal distance bike/row/erg or 4 mins step-ups

For weighted sit-ups hold a dumbbell high up on the chest, do not anchor feet, keep tailbone on ab-mat. Choose a challenging weight that lets you keep moving in sets or 10-20.

9.28.2020 6pm

4 rounds

15 strict pull-ups

150 m Farmer’s Carry

30 pausing weighted glute bridges

200m med ball run

WOD notes:

For pausing weighted glute bridges, laying face up on the floor, place a dumbbell right above your hip bones. Drive through the heels and squeeze the glutes for 2 seconds at the finish position before slowly lowering back down. Choose weight that allows you to complete sets of 10.

Back to working on pull-ups.  Let’s find a hard progression for us, in 3 rep range when fresh.

Med ball run.  It’s awkward, but good practice, never know when we might be required to move at a clipped pace with an awkward object in tow.  If running is out, we’ll replace with an odd object ground to overhead movement.


 Till next! Peace.