Greetings festive spirits!  Getting closer to this year’s lower-key Christmas.   Sunday’s workout is a basic chipper to keep us lively going into this lead up week.  During the holidays, I find completing a few longer workouts with lighter weights good for my mind, body and soul.  I just want to “cover my bases” and feel better for it.  That is the intent here.

Another way to approach the workout below is to reduce the reps by half to 50-45-40-30 (keep 600 m run) 25-20-15-5 allowing you to move from station to station faster.   Tackle it this way if feel you might get bottlenecked.   Shy on sleep or energy? Aim for 30 mins of this revival wod. The call is yours!

Warm Up:  50 Cross Crawls then 3 reps of each movement using body weight.

AMRAP 45 (as many rounds as possible in 45 minutes)

  • 100 prisoner squats with high knees and DB goblet squats: alternate between sets of 10 prisoner squats and 10 goblet squats until 100 rep total reached.
  • 90 Cross-touch sit-ups or 90 second plank
  • 80 DB box step ups with kick up
  • 70 alternating single arm db shoulder press (sub = floor press)
  • 600 m run*
  • 50 pull-ups or ring rows or bent over rows (25 per side)
  • 40 dumbbell plank pull – throughs (sub = alternating shoulder taps)
  • 30 lateral weighted lunges
  • 20 plank up downs (sub = push-ups)
  • 10 burpees with tuck jumps (sub = no tuck jump/stand-ups with or w/o weight)

*Run sub = 60 bear crawl steps or 750 m bike/row/ski erg/4 mins home based cardio mix = marching/running in place/mountain climbers.  One pull-through = 1 rep

Cool Down:  Dragon/Pigeon/Child’s pose/prone breathing/consume 4 oz of water.



What songs motivate you in workouts? I’d love to know. Please forward any favourites and I’ll incorporate into future playlists.

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