This Wednesday let’s remind ourselves that our speed doesn’t matter.  Forward is forward.  Small steps, taken consistently, cover great distance over time. Stride on friends!

6pm 2.3.21

Broomstick Warm Up

3 Rounds:

10 PVC Shoulder Pass Throughs

10 PVC Kneeling Rotations

10 PVC Shoulder Press to Push Back

10 PVC Overhead Lunges

10 Over and Back PVC Hops


4 Rounds:

12 Cal Row/Ski Erg or 200 m run

30 shoulder to overhead*

12 Cal Row/Ski Erg or 200 m run

30 weighted lunges*

1 min center plank

WOD Set-Up:

Shoulder to Overhead:

Rounds 1 and 3 = Shoulder Press

Rounds 2 and 4 = Push Press

Use a barbell or dumbbell with choice dependent on what works best for you/station set-up. Looking for a press weight you can complete the 30 in 4-6 sets.


Round 1:  Bodyweight Step-Back Lunges

Round 2:  Front Rack Barbell Lunges or Double Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges

Round 3:  Back Rack Barbell Lunges  or Dumbbell Goblet Lunges

Round 4:  Barbell Overhead Lunges  or Single or Double Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

Home Gym:  Let’s find an odd object to press/push press and lunge with in 4 different ways.  Increase or decrease reps depending on challenge weight at hand presents.

Cool Down:  20 reps each of:  slow hands and knee rocks, one legged rocks, bird dogs, windshield wipers plus :60 seconds belly breathing knees hugged to chest.