6 PM 3.17.21

May the luck of the Irish

Lead to happiest heights

And the highway you travel

Be lined with green lights.

Leprechaun WOD

Warm Up:

10 full body rocks, 20 calf climbers, 30 jumping jacks.


Start with: 2100 meter run

into: 3 rounds of:

17 Russian KBS

17 Prisoner Squats with high knees

17 KB Goblet Squats

17 Toes to Bar

17 Leprechaun Kicks

17 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Finish with:  210 meter run

WOD Notes:  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Approach buy-in run as extended warm-up.  Sub equal distance row, bike, erg – looking for a 10-12 minute cardio effort. Leprechaun kicks= standard burpee with high leg kick out (think boxing kick/each leg) sub = mountain climber burpee or squat thrust jumps.  T2B alternatives = t2b attempts, hanging knee raises, lying hip raises.   Use same KB weight for all movements.  Intent of workout is to move quickly and steadily, minimal rest.  Prep quickly and start WOD by 6:06.

Leprechaun at home version: 

21 min amrap

3 Leprechaun kicks

17 Prisoner squats with high-knees

Cool Down:

10 bird-dogs, speed skaters, head nods, rotations, dead bugs, windshield wipers, :30 hamstring stretch e/s, down dog to child’s pose with belly breathing.  Good on you!