6pm 1.11.2021

Warm up pyramid = complete 8 mins of:

1 full body rock, 1 prisoner lunge, 1 push-up, 1 get-up then 2 of each, 3 of each 4, 5 …at 6 reps each work your way back to 1, start again if time remains.

Review: walking lunge and at home lunges


750 m row

50 odd object lunges

750 m row

50 overhead plate lunges

750 m row

50 double dumbbell front rack lunges

750 m row

Finish: 30 cross touch ab mat sit-ups/30 straight up ab mat sit-ups/60 second center plank

WOD Notes:   Complete lunges in place, alternating legs.  Select weights which allow solid form. Reduce reps to 35 or 25 if better volume or complete a mix of weighted and unweighted lunges or bodyweight only. Odd objects in gym are sandbags, medicine balls, or consider plate or barbell.  Dumbbell squats can be completed with dumbbells in front rack position with one or two dumbbells or one dumbbell held in goblet position.  Workout starts and ends with a row.  Can sub equivalent bike, ski erg,  800 m run or for home gym = 3 minutes of a mix of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, running in place/cross crawls.

Stretch: dragon, pigeon, lying quad/hamstring stretch/child’s pose.