11:15 AM 2.7.21

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl or will you seize the chance to hit the quieter shops or trails? Both sound like great Sunday afternoon options to me.  But first, let’s get a WOD under our belts!

Warm Up:  30 Calf Climbers, 20 squats with high knees, 10 full body rocks



1 mile run or 2km row/ski erg/bike

100 step ups

Home Gym Mods:  10 minute of running around home or 1 min burpees 1 min cross crawls x 5, 100 lunges in places.

In Gym Mods:  Low cardio – leave out run and complete weighted step-ups, find a heavy set of 10.


Complete 6 rounds of:

20 Single Arm Dumbbell Floor Press (10 per side)

10 Skull Crushers

Home Gym Mods: Complete 20 elevated push-ups and 10 tri-cep dips off chair/coffee table or complete Press and Skull Crushers with an odd object.

In Gym Mods:  Barbell Floor Press and/or banded tri-cep pull-downs x 20


50 sit-ups

40 DB Russian twists

30 leg lifts over DB

:60 overhead plate hold

30 leg lifts over DB

40 Russian Twists

50 sit-ups

WOD Mods: Complete Russian twists and leg lifts without Dumbbell and/or sub glute bridges and lying leg lifts for any movement that is not best.  Plank can replace overhead plate hold

Cool Down:  20 head nods and rotations, 20 Bird Dogs, 20 hands and knee rocks, 60 seconds prone breathing.

Hang in there Champs!