Twas the night before Christmas and a workout was hatched.  Here is one for the home base. Merry Christmas friends!

Warm Up:

Christmas Re-set *

*Click and have Tim at Original Strength lead you through or follow below.

1-minute Belly Breathing.  Lie with your back on the floor. Bend knees or be straight. Get comfortable and sink in. Place tongue on roof of mouth, close lips, breathe in and out through nose.  Focus on letting any tension in body melt away!

1-minute Head Nods/Rotations. Roll onto your belly and come up on to forearms.  Keep tongue on roof of mouth and continue breathing through nose. Lead with eyes and nod head up and down for 30 seconds then move head side to side for 30 seconds.

1-minute Elbow Rolls.  Look at left elbow and try and touch floor behind you as you roll to your side. Try and see feet when you turn. Keep legs as relaxed as possible (see 4:45 in link for demo).

1-minute Windshield Wipers. Turn onto your back and pull knees towards chest and move eyes, head and legs in unison from side to side. Aim to keep shoulder on the ground each turn.

1-minute Rocking Chair. Hug arms around legs and roll onto back and up to seating, roll back and repeat.   Similar to a hamstring roll out but legs stay wrapped in arms on up swing and throughout movement.

1-minute Hands and Knees Rock. Turn over onto hands and knees.  Keeping arms locked out rock back and forth with a tall chest and your head up and eyes on the horizon.

1-minute Hamstring Rock. Outstretch left leg to your side and rock back and forth, switch to right side after 30 seconds

1-minute Circle Rocks. In same position as above, rock in a circle one way for 30 seconds then the other way.

1-minute Cross Crawls. Stand up and touch opposite arm to opposite leg, switch sides and repeat.

1-minute Supermans.  A great one! Reach opposite arm and leg up to the sky then switch sides. Can also be done with a slight side bend (see 9:25 in video for demo).

1-minute Infinity circles. Link arms together and make figure 8s in the air.

Christmas Cardio

20 min AMRAP

12 body-weight get-ups

25 cross crawl squats

Rep scheme significance = date 12.25.20

WOD Notes:  Did workout on front porch to work up appetite for Christmas Eve feast.  Fit bill and brought me joy! Cross Crawl squat is a fun movement in my books.  8 rounds tallied.

WOD Mods:

Get up subs:

Weighted get-ups.

Single arm DB snatches 6 per side


Odd object ground to overhead

Kettlebell swings

Cross-Crawl Air Squat subs:

Air Squat to target

Glute bridges

Christmas Cool Down

Stroll through neighbourhood smiling and nodding at passersby.

Peace & love,