Monday Night WOD

6pm 12.28.20

Warm Up:  2 rounds of 1 min each of:

Bird dogs, speed skaters, hamstring roll outs, get ups, jumping jacks or marching


20 dumbbell pull-overs

40 single arm DB hang squat cleans (20 per side)

20 plate raise to press out

Home Gym modifications – find an odd object to use for movements i.e. sack of rice, filled pillow sack or heavy book.


Tabata x 5

A Tabata is 8 Rounds of :20 On + :10 off per movement.  Total wod time 20 mins. Workout flow is one Tabata of each movement (5 total)  i.e. 8 rounds of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off of plank up downs, then 8 rounds of right side plank.  *I will call out time/use tabata songs to keep you on track on Zoom and in Open Gym if you want to follow that way.

Plank Up-Downs
Side Plank (Right)
Side Plank (Left)
Arch Hold
Hollow Hold

Optional cardio finisher on tap  = 6 minutes of 5 med ball get ups and 5 med ball burpees.

Cool Down: cobra pose, head nods/rotations/walking dog/dragon/pigeon/child’s pose with belly breathing.

Short week! 2020 soon we bid you adieu.  Onward friends.