Sometimes, it can be a push to fit in a WOD. Competing demands and all.  Here are 6 ways to get yourself to work out when you don’t want to.

  1. Play it forward with the “It is only” trick. Tell yourself how great you’ll feel when it is done. After all, it is only a 45 minute class, or a 30 minute walk or a 20 minute amrap, or whatever it might be.  Tell yourself “I’ll be done soon. It will be over before I know it and it will have been done!”
  2. Set a reward for thereafter. e. “I will watch x show and flop on the couch.”
  3. Sip some coffee or tea as pre-wod fuel. A jolt from caffeine can energize.
  4. See it as a necessary self care act. A chance to do your own thing for a while. A break from it all. A way to start the day off on a good foot or re-group at the end of the day.
  5. Just put your workout gear on and crank a song or two. Listening to a new playlist can do wonders. And once dressed, you are one step closer.
  6. Get yourself through the gym doors or onto Zoom with a “I’ll just move” frame of mind. It need not be an act of greatness.  Any workout is better than no workout! Sometimes we just need to move about in some way, shape or form and that is a good enough action to take!

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger


Athletics 6pm 3.3.21

Warm Up:


  • 50 calf climbers
  • 100 skips
  • 40 cross touch squats
  • 100 skips
  • 30 bird dogs
  • 100 skips


20 med ball sit-ups

15 wall balls

10 push-ups

5 strict pull-ups

  • 150m DB Farmer’s Carry plus 5 burpees after every 2 rounds

Cool Down:

5 supermans, 10 head nods/rotations in prone position, reaching pigeon, lying hamstring stretch, knees to chest breathing