Nice work last week on Zoom and in the Gym. Way to get it done!  Let’s get ready to see out the last week of January 2021 strong!

6pm 1.25.2021

Warm Up 7

Complete 7 reps of each movement on repeat for 7 mins.

7 Full Body Rocks to Sky Reach

Thoracic Rotations (7 per side)

7 Prisoner Squats

7 Get-up Jumps



10 Wall Balls

10 Push Ups to Med Ball

10 Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squats (5 per side)

10 Burpees

100 meter Double Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry or 75 second static hold with weight.

Cool Down:

AB Out:  100 ab mat sit-ups or 60 second center plank plus 40 ab mat situps

Stretch: Down Dog/Dragon/Pigeon/Thread the Needle/Commando breathing :60 seconds

WOD Modifications:  Wall Balls = odd object or dumbbell thrusters/jump squats x 20/goblet squats.  MB push-ups = elevated push-ups, hand-release push-ups, ring push-ups.  Single Arm Overhead Squats = Broomstick or band overhead squats – hold pause at bottom or hold odd object overhead in one hand and squat i.e. a can of soup.  Farmer’s Carry/Hold sub = 60 second bar hang or 75 second plank or 6 strict pull-ups.

Challenge for the week

Feel dehydrated?  Drink 4 oz of water before each meal and after your workout.   It’s only half a cup.  A couple gulps at best!