6pm 12.14. 2020


100 skips or marching steps, 20 push-ups, 10 stand-ups, 5 burpees

WOD: 2 Rounds NFT

200 m run

24 DB Push Press

200 m run

24 DB Lunges

200 m run

24 DB Burpees

200 m run

24 DB Front Squats

200 m run

24 DB Floor Press

200 m run

24 Jump Squats over DB

If we get there … mid-line finisher options (choose 1):

For 5 minutes alternate between 20 deadbugs and 20 windshield wipers

Do 100 slow plank knee-ins

Complete 50 side plank reach-unders (25 per side)*

*lift body into side plank position and raise an arm straight above you, locked out, then twist down and reach arem under and behind your torso, then return to starting position. That is one rep.

Cool Down:  10 slow forward rocks to child’s pose, 60 seconds angel breathing.

WOD MODS:  NFT = Not for time.  Work through this wod with a focus on slow, solid movement mechanics i.e. tri-cep hitting floor in press, arm locked out at top, pause for a sec and lower, proud chest in lunge, knee touching floor, stand to full extension …. Low cardio option = replace run with an alternation between movements of a 60 second plank and a 100 m farmer’s carry (in gym to 4th tree, at home 90 second walk-about) for a total of 3 planks and 3 Farmer’s carries each round.  Farmer’s Carry should be weight which can be carried unbroken with tall chest and quick steps.  This workout can also be completed with an odd object or a barbell. Find weights you can complete movements in 2-3 sets.  If in doubt, go heavier and take more rest between reps.

Way to keep it going all! To a good week ahead!