6pm 1.4.21

Simple grinder to start the week!

Warm Up:

1 minute prone breathing, 1 minute head nods/rotations,  1 minute hamstring roll-outs, 1 min plank knee-in to leg lift,  1 min rocks to sky reach, 1 min wall sit, 1 min cross-crawl squats,  2 mins slow skipping

Into:  5-10 practice reps of each movement/determine WOD weights.

WOD:  4 rounds*

30 Odd Object Ground to Overhead

30 Wall Balls

*go for 1 mile run or 1600 m row/ski erg/10 min bike after 2 rounds

Cool Down:

AB Circuit.8

Complete 3 rounds of:

20 med ball Russian twists, 20 med ball sit-ups,  60 second med ball plank

Stretch: Dragon and Child’s pose with med ball.

WOD Notes:

Wall Ball Focus Tips:

Position yourself no more than an arm’s length away from base of target.

Keep ball close to body, held up by face/in front of chest, your chest stays up and eyes focused on target – you want each rep to hit target just above G for guys and L for ladies.

Can place second ball behind you as target for squat depth check.

Ground to Overhead = use an odd object i.e. medball, plate, dumbbell (15 per side if dumbbell snatch), backpack, sack of grain.

Low intensity WOD options:  400 m Farmer’s or Overhead Carry – use challenging weight requiring 2-4 breaks. Controlled Goblet or double dumbbell squats for wall balls.  Seated one arm dumbbell shoulder press for ground to overhead

Home Gym: run sub = either 2 rounds of 1 min burpees, 1 min get-ups, 1 min squat thrusts and 1 min object hop-overs or 1 round of 2 minutes of each movement. Low intensity option = 2 min weighted walk about home and 1 min center plank x 3 rounds.  Ab Circuit = complete with odd object or use bodyweight – hold high plank.