11.10.2020 6pm

This simple workout requires little space on the home front and will get you stretched out, debriefed from the day and aid in a good night’s rest.  Keep a water bottle at your side.  We tend not to drink enough water in the colder months leading to dehydration.  This parched state can cause us to mistake thirst for hunger and make it harder to fight off cravings for comfort snacks, which while tasty, don’t always serve us well in the long run.  Hydrate with some big sips in the rest period to counteract!

Warm Up:

1 min belly breathing. :30 head nods, :30 head rotations, 1 min egg rolls. 1 min bird dogs, 1 min rocks to squat to sky reach, 1 min cross body reach :30 per side, 1 min jumping jacks or marching


Just a Minute

6 Rounds for Reps

1 min Dumbbell or Odd Object* Ground to Overhead

1 min Stand Ups

1 min Shoulder Press, Push Press or Pike Push-Up

1 min Spider Burpees

1 min Glute Bridges

1 min rest

Finish:  100 Flutter-Kicks into 65 second center plank

WOD Notes:  Goal is to keep moving for full minute per exercise, modify movements to accomplish, be mindful of transitions as can quickly eat into time for next.  Use one DB placed in-between feet for Ground-to-Overhead or use a home odd object like a rock, heavy book, large can.  Replace odd object ground to overhead with Squat and Reach or Reaching Sumo Squat if no object at hand. Stand-Up demo starts at 2:00. Choose DB Shoulder Press if only light weight available, Use Push Press if weight too heavy for consistent reps of Shoulder Press.  Pike Push Up is no equipment option. Regular burpee will do too! Make sure to get the squeeze and pause at top of glute bridge.

Home Mobs for Cool Down

*breathe in and out through nose, mouth closed, tongue on roof of mouth during each movement!

Couch Stretch: 1 mins per side

Down Dog Stretch: 1 min

Child’s pose:  1 min

Thread the Needle :30 sec each side

Pigeon Pose


😊 Well done! Couch awaits…. Enjoy!