6pm 2.8.2021

Warm Up:

3 rounds of:

1 min Full Body Rocks

1 min Cross Crawls


1 min squat hold

1 min banded tri-cep stretch (:30 per side)

1 min pausing PVC front squats

2 minutes skipping

WOD Prep: 

Find your front squat weight.  Start with an empty barbell or light dumbbells and complete 10 slow reps, take a second at bottom to get feel of position, then increase weight, working in sets of 5 until reasonable wod weight found i.e. looking for a minimum 10/max 20 reps before break needed

Some points to note in front squat below that we want: depth achieved, weight is in his heels, feet flat on floor, knees out, elbows up and flat (not pointing down or touching knees), loose finger tip grip on the bar, bar on his body, chest is tall and eyes gazing to horizon.



MAD DOG 2021:

2 minute plank

100 Front Squats*

2 minute plank

WOD flow:  Start with a 2 min plank (front or side).  If you need to break, stop clock, rest and start again until 2 mins accummulated.  For front squats complete 3 strict pull-ups every time you need to break.  NB: before starting first set of front squats complete 3 strict pull-ups or select another option below if better choice for your goals/set-up.

Break subs:

5 burpees

5 strict DB shoulder press

5 push-ups

5 toes to bar

Stretch Out:  20 reps of: head nods and rotations, hands and knee rocks, rocking chairs (hug knees to chest and rock forward and back), cross crawl to bird dog (touch opposite hand to knee then extend to bird-dog), windshield wipers,  glute bridges, :30 each side lying hamstring/quad stretch, :60 seconds prone breathing.