Monday 6pm 11.30.20


50-40-30-20-10 Box Jump (BJ)

50-40-30-20-10 Alternating Arm DB Floor Press

25-20-15-10-5 Strict Pull-ups

*WOD work flow is box jump, floor press, strict pull-ups i.e. you’ll complete 50 BJ,  then 50 alternating floor press then 25 pull-ups, then 40 BJ, 40 alternating floor press, 20 pull-ups…

WOD Notes:  Find box jump height that allows for steady reps, or sub step ups or replace jump with weighted step-up (DB, MB, Sandbag, KB).  Strict pull-up options to consider are reduced reps with or without bands, mix of ring rows and pull-ups, bent over DB rows from box or plank position.  Find moderate floor press weight = break every 10-14 reps (5-7 per side).

Home gym limited equipment WOD version:

For BJ:

Jumping air squats or high hops over an object

For Alternating DB Floor Press:

Tricep dips

Banded standing chest press

For pull-ups:

Plank up downs with cross shoulder tap

Odd object rows

Banded standing rows

Dumbbell rows  

Warm Up:  Choose 3-4 movements to cycle through for 5-10 mins i.e. alternate movements every 1 min or complete 10-20 reps per.

Rocking push-ups

Glute bridge walkouts

Mix of overhead and chest height banded pull-aparts

Down dog climbers with knee-ins

Jumping Jacks


Full body rocks to sky reach – up on tip toes, stretch arms high in air, pause a sec

Box step ups

Air squats or pvc or banded overhead squats 

Wall sit with or without banded pull-aparts

Cool Down Options:

Midline Circuit:  1-3 rounds:

50 second center plank, 40 sit-ups, 30 second left and right side plank, 20 sit-ups, 10 L overs an object.

Stretch options:  banded lat stretch, shoulder pull-overs, lying banded pull-aparts at eye, chest, belly height, dragon and pigeon pose,  thread the needle, child’s pose, lying belly breathing with knees to chest.