In this issue:
– Death by Yoga Pant
– Greetings from Davin, Ali and Callan
– SD Tip 2: Walking About
– Athletics ZWods
– Easter Workout

Death by yoga pant: No!
The week started with the thought “maybe I should order some bigger pants from Lululemon.”  A purchase that would be one size up from my biggest yoga pants I was already wearing for the mass comfort they provided.  I can’t be expected to shelter in place with a restrictive waist.  It had been 4 weeks since my last gym workout and all that went with it.  Operation adjustment had required cinnamon buns, candies and pizza.   Matters were getting out of hand.  No new pants!  I vowed to turn my attention to stemming the tide.  Though a few days passed, and I didn’t get much farther than that until some tough love came my way.  Forward to mid-week at 8 am.  I’m drinking coffee at the computer, up for maybe an hour, nothing done. Previously, I’d have been at the gym for 2 hours and maybe even tidied a kitchen. My husband, who was preparing for a foray into the outside world, looked at this strange creature on the couch and hinted there could be some movement on the basement clutter project.  I looked at him, somewhat taken aback, and said in a tone “Are you suggesting I am inactive?”  “No”, he countered, “that is not what I am saying”. Then he paused, and took a second.  “Actually”, he said, “I’m going to take a different approach here. You know, you’d feel a lot better about yourself if you got something done!”  He may have used the words, “Get off your ass” to embellish the point. I turned to him, paused briefly, and replied, “You are totally, totally right, enough already!” and I leapt up and it has been a flurry of activity ever since! Just joking, but I’m making some inroads.

In case it might help to share, here are the first tactics I’m using to set up a new routine:

I’m setting my alarm, not hitting snooze and getting an early start on the day.  I am organizing the day’s wod the night before and am waking up again knowing what I am doing, when I’m doing it and sticking to it.

No social media allowed until the end of the day.  A week into the quarantine I temporarily deactivated my social media account as I was using it more than ever and getting much less done. I’ve resumed use but not before 8pm.

No donuts, cinnamon buns or gummy candy allowed in the house.

Reminding myself why it matters. When I want to reach for treats, I take the long view:  eating cinnamon buns = horrible workout next day = bathing suit won’t fit in June = feel poorly = not worth it.

Summer is coming. Let’s hit it strong.  New routines and healthy habits will get us there.  Gym Challenge starts May 1, 2020 to aid this endeavor. Details released April 16, 2020.

Note from Ali

Ali sent me the nicest write-up and pics to share.  Callan is now just over a month old!

“Callan Kenneth McLeod was born late morning on March 9th, 2020 auspiciously coinciding with the supermoon! He weighed in at 7lb 12 oz.

He keeps his mom and dad grounded and reminds them everyday about what is truly important. The 3 of us send our love to our wonderful CrossFit/Athletics family during these uncertain times. We miss you and can’t wait to do some burpees with you again one day.”

SD Tip 2:  Walking About

A couple of times now I have opted against going for a walk because of the social distancing dynamic. I love to walk, but it takes extra energy, this new way at hand, to determine if you are passing people safely or causing them concern.  It is still a strange and troubling time out there.  That said, roll with it we must.  I was blessed with a couple of great SD walks throughout the neighbourhood and forest this week.  Beautiful out there! We kept an appropriate distance and benefited from talking, laughing and moving about in the fresh air.   I’ve found walking up lanes, on the road where there is little traffic and, in the forest, the most peaceful, as are walks early or later in the day. Finding ways to stay off the beaten tracks is really the name of the game.  Keep moving safely out there my friends.

Athletics ZWods

Testing out starting next week.  Would love to see you!

Register at or drop me an email [email protected] and I’ll send you the link to join in.

Athletics CWOD Wednesday 10:30 (45 mins).

Bring a thermal mug of coffee and line up your dumbbells.  20-30 min wod plus 15 min coffee chat to discuss the realities of our new lifestyles and trouble shoot any challenges.

Athletics Friday Fit 10:30 (45 mins)

Kick off the weekend with a simple metabolic conditioning workout.  Bring one dumbbell of a moderate weight or an equivalent object i.e. a brick or stuffed bag and blast through it.

Easter Weekend Workout

It is a different Easter Weekend this year.  Simpler.  More time for exercise!  Let’s embrace it.  Need a workout? Tackle the Easter Basket.

Easter Basket

30-20-10 DB Swings/Sit-ups
Farmer’s Carry 200 meters
30-20-10 Plate or Single DB ground to overhead/Front plank push-ups
Farmer’s Carry 200 meters
30-20-10  DB Goblet Squats/DB Goblet Press
Farmer’s Carry 200 meters
30-20-10 DB Step-Ups/Burpees


40-50 min grinder.
Complete once through. Four baskets & three Farmer’s Carries total.  Two movements per basket. Flow is: 30 reps each movement, then 20 reps, then 10 reps i.e. 30 swings/30 sit-ups, 20 swings/20 sit-ups, 10 swings/10 sit-ups. Hunt down next basket via Farmer’s Carry or alternate.

Select DB weight that allows you to complete the 30s in 1-2 sets.

Double DB Farmer’s Carry. Aim for one break.  Static option = Farmer’s hold (DBs held at side) x 2 mins,  keep chest up, shoulder blades pinched back, think strong posture, no hunch forward and tight mid-line. Sub Farmer’s Carry for 800m run or equivalent bike/row if better option for your set-up.

Step-Ups:  No box? Climb x number of stairs i.e. 4 DB stair climbs =1 rep or sub goblet lunges.

DB Swing.
Get a strong hold on DB, potential to fly away on you without solid grip is great.

Ground to Overhead – if using single DB vs plate place DB vertically between feet, positioned roughly shoulder width apart,  grasp each end of DB, keep bell close to body, fell swoop to OH, flat back, finish stacked overhead, same standards as plate in video apply.

Front Plank Push-Up
Be mindful to hold plank position, hips down, break if form is suffering.  Also, can be done from knees or replaced with regular push-up. Aim for sets of 5-10.

Goblet DB Press
Hold one dumbbell vertically with elbows up, squeeze glutes, tight midline, bell in-front of chin, press DB up to lock out over middle of head, arms fully extended, elbows by ear.

Farmer’s Carry

Basket Warm-Up.

There is a bit to set-up for this wod, but worth it for one-shot deal of each basket. You get to leave it behind and move on!  Use warm-up to get organized and going quickly.  First, do 2-3 rounds of 10 broomstick shoulder pass throughs, 10 legs swings front/back/side to side and 10 broomstick overhead squats followed by  1x 5 reps of each basket movement, done in order. Determine FC distance or alternate.  The first basket warms you up, so once through broomstick warm-up and movements prepped leap in!

Happy Easter.  To a good one!