Wednesday Night WOD

6pm 12.30.2020

Warm Up:  2 rounds of 10 pvc shoulder pass throughs, 10 leg swings f/b, s/s, 10 pausing pvc overhead squats, 10 pvc pausing front squats (for pause, hold at bottom and count slowly 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000 then stand).

WOD prep:  Set up rack so barbell hits at approx collar bone height.  If reasonable, use rack for barbell in this workout to familarize yourself with new rig set-up in prep for 2021 wods.  Complete 10 front squats with empty barbell again with pause at bottom then 10 push press with empty barbell – hold top position for a second before lowering and repeating. Can use DB for push press if logistically better for workout.  From here, working in sets of 5 find workout weights that allow 21 FS to be completed in 3 sets or less and push press in 1-2 sets.


21 front squats 200 m run, 21 push press, 21 burpees

18 front squats 200 m run, 18 push press, 18 burpees

15 front squats, 200 m run, 15 push press, 15 burpees

12 front squats, 200 m run, 12 push press, 12 burpees

9 front squats, 200 m run, 9 push press, 9 burpees

6 front squats, 200 m run, 6 push press, 6 burpees

3 front squats, 200 m run, 3 push press, 3 burpees

Home Gym:  If only light weight available consider doubling front squat reps and completing seated shoulder press for push press or a pike push-up.  Run = 2 min run about home or complete mountain climbers, weighted get up can sub for burpees.

Cool Down:

Optional mid-line: 100 ab mat sit-ups – complete half with cross-touch.

Stretches (:30 sec per side):  Lying quad stretch, seated calf stretch, shoulder pull-overs (20), thread the needle, head nods/rotations (20/20), angel breathing and drink 4 oz of water.

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