Pictures of Ruck Walk Crew.  It was a beautiful day on the trail!   Participants knocked out a solid 60 minutes of weighted climbing.  397 steps one way!  Round trips completed ranged from 7 to 3.  Not easy but they hung in and did it!  It was great to have you all out!  Thank you so much for your support of Big Sisters and Stronger Together Vancouver’s 3rd Annual Workout for Women’s Day.  To date, this week long charitable event has raised $29.500.00 towards a goal of $30,000.00.  The event ends tomorrow and it looks promising they will exceed their target!  It is heartwarming to see the far reaching benefits of fitness.

Here is Sunday’s Athletics tackle.

11:15 am 3.14.21

Warm Up:

50 calf climbers, 100 single unders, 30 hamstring rollouts into:

3 rounds with a broomstick of:

10 Shoulder Pass throughs

10 Press backs

10 Good mornings


7 rounds

400 m run

5 deadlifts

7 pull-ups

9 push press

AB Out:

200 m DB Farmer’s Carry into:

1-3 rounds

30 PVC straight leg sit-ups

10 Bent knee hip raises

:30 plank (L, C, R)

WOD Notes:

Warm Up Deadlift in sets of 5 x 3 to find a moderate weight for 5 reps (start with empty bar). Push press weight should be a largely unbroken challenge (dumbbell or barbell).  Pull-up subs: bands that allow sets of 2-3, 10 hard ring rows, 4 negatives, jumping pull-ups. Farmer’s Carry should be on the heavier side i.e. at least quick break required.

Cool Down: 10 slow bird dogs/head nods/rotations/hands and knees rocks/reaching dragon/child’s pose or a gentle bar hang.