A selection of Athletic workouts from the last two years is posted below.  New restrictions require we arrive at Open Gym times with a personalized plan of action.   See Corey’s post for details. If you need a script to follow consider choosing one of these past workouts to do.  If attending a Zoom class the workout will be set-up for you based on your available equipment and goals.  Please ask in the Open Gym if you need help determining a warm-up or cool down to go with your workout.  You can also check-out the gym’s blog for its daily workout details.  Sky is the limit!  The key is showing up and getting it done as is best for you!

Keep on my dear friends.  And remember –  Never. Give. Up.

Peace and love,



7 rounds

9 Deadlifts

15 Box Jumps

21 AB mat Sit-up

Just Do It

5 Rounds:

15 over and back lateral hops over dumbbell

10 dumbbell lunges

15 over and back lateral hops over dumbbells

8 dumbbell front squats

15 over and back lateral hops over dumbbell

6 dumbbell thrusters

:30 second wall sit (increase by 5 seconds each round)

Track WOD

1 Round FT:

800 m run

42 dumbbell snatches

21 burpees over dumbbell

40 dumbbell goblet squats

20 burpees over dumbbell

38 single arm dumbbell thrusters (19 per side)

19 burpees over dumbbell

400 m run

Home Base

5 Rounds

20 Air Squats

20 Burpees

20 Reverse Lunges

20 Sit-Ups


200 meter run into:

5x 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats

200 meter run into:

4x 8 dumbbell shoulder press, 15 box jumps

200 meter run into:

3x 15 weighted step-ups, 15 kettlebell swings

200 meter run into:

2 x 20 KB/DB goblet squats, 30 sit-ups,

200 meter run into:

50 squat thrust burpees or 5 minutes of – whichever comes first.


5 km row = every 500 m complete 5 push-ups, 5 KB goblet squats and 5 burpees. Options: add 1 rep to each 500 m leg or stick with 5 reps throughout.

Wedding March V.2

1 mile run

75 plate ground to over head

1 mile run

100 body weight lunges

Beach WODBuy in: 50 single leg burpees

5 rounds

20 Russian kettlebell swings

10 KB goblet squats

5 KB push-up to deadlift

Buy out: 50 hops over KB (one hop = 1 rep)