6pm 3.22.21

Warm Up:  50 calf climbers plus 300 skips or 2 mins cross crawls


*start by 6:05

Row, Bike, Run or Ski Erg

3 Rounds (18 mins):
3 Minutes Moderate Pace
3 Minutes Hard Pace

Directly into…

5 Rounds (10 mins):
1 Minute Moderate Pace
1 Minute Hard Pace

Low Cardio option:

21 minute EMOM: Shoulder Press x 3 reps


*start by 6:35

3-5 Rounds:

20 weighted lunges

20 dumbbell floor press

:60 plank

WOD Prep:  Prep equipment for WOD B before starting WOD A.  Use barbell, dumbbell or odd object (i.e. plate, sandbag, medicine ball) for lunges. Select weights that allow you to complete movements in 1-2 sets – looking for a moderate challenge.

Cool Down:

Shoulder pull-overs x 20,  down dog to pigeon, thread the needle, child’s pose

First week of Spring in the City. To a good one!