1.31.21 11:15 AM

Step 1: shuffle and turn on …

BlackHeart Playlist


Warm up by completing 1 minute of each movement below:

  • Belly breathing on back
  • Head nods
  • Head rotations
  • Bird dogs
  • Full body rocks to stand
  • Body weight single arm sumo deadlift high pulls
  • Cross-crawl squats
  • Rocking push-ups
  • Squat thrust burpees


Sunday 6 x 6 

  1. 1 min single arm dumbbell sumo-deadlift high pull
  2. 1 min box jump/step ups or lunges
  3. 1 min plank up downs
  4. 1 min goblet squats
  5. 1 min plank knee-in to leg lift
  6. 1 min rest

WOD Notes:  WOD flow is 6 – 1 minute rounds of 6 stations, one being rest!  Sub for plank up downs is plank shoulder taps.  Alternate arms and legs after each rep for SDHP and plank leg lifts.  Select a DB or odd object weight that allows for steady movement on SDHP and Goblet Squats.  Aim for little to no breaks in each movement minute.   If wished, keep track of reps as motivation to best or hold steady.

Cool Down: 

50 slow Russian Twists and a :50 second plank

20 Hands and Knees Rock into a 60 second child’s pose.

Hydrate with a couple good swigs of water.

Sunday afternoon Challenge:

Take a 15 minute phone free, nasal breathing re-set walk.  To conduct:  Leave phone behind in safe spot at home (if concerned don’t go far, circle blocks near home).  Maintain nasal breathing during your walk i.e. Breathe in and out through your nose, tongue on roof of mouth.  It may be hard to manage a full 15 minutes and that is ok! Open mouth, take in air, re-set and start again. Do what you can. Consider it an experiment in grounding the body. Report back on experience.