11:15am 12.06.2020

Bear Crawl Warm-Up.

Bear Crawl on for 30 secs. Bear Crawl off for 30 seconds x 5 mins.  Sub is walk-outs or Cross-Crawls.

Think of Bear Crawl as a moving variation of the front plank. Like front plank, after a flat back and supported spine in crawl. Stay squared and tight and avoid any side to side rotation. In confined space bear crawl as far as possible one way, then, staying in position, turn around and crawl back.


45 min AMRAP

10 plank jacks with leg lift

10 body weight get-ups

30 reps of X

10 shoulder touch plank up downs

X in Round 1 = 30 odd object squats

X in Round 2 = 30 odd object step ups

X in Round 3 = 30 odd object shoulder to overhead

X in Round 4 = 30 russian kettle bell swings

WOD Set-Up Notes:

WOD Playlist:  click and crank this one!

Odd objects are sandbags, medicine/slam balls, filled sack, a plate, bag of pet food, a log or stone.  Sub in 2 or 1 dumbbells for odd object.  Lighter weight will speed you up, heavier slow you down – both worthy endeavors.    Odd object Shoulder to overhead = press, push press or push jerk.  Odd object swings can be subbed for Russian KBS.

Cool Down: 

For 2 mins. Lie down and hug knees to chest or lie outstretched and take big breaths from belly and let out through nose.  Focus on letting go of any tension in mind and muscle.

Watch this 5 min video from Tim at Original Strength on breathing, walking and giving head nods and smiles to people to relieve the stress of these times.  Good practices.

“The best exercise for gaining strength is not missing workouts.”

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