It happens.  You. Just. Don’t. Feel. Like. It.  Working out requires an extra effort. There are competing demands on your time.  Should you bother?  Sometimes it’s hard to know what is the best thing to do? Fatigue, stress, feeling overwhelmed, can making working out seem like just one more thing to tackle, especially if the workout at hand looks daunting.  What should be fun becomes chore like. You may tell yourself, “I’m too tired for that. The kitchen needs cleaning, food prepped.” Yes.  Likely all true but truth be told, it can all wait.  Often, it is just our brain, trying to protect us from the perceived discomfort of the workouts at hand.   Real comfort though can come from tackling the hard stuff in life, knowing you can forge on and do what needs to be done.  So, let’s take these derailing thoughts down when they pop up by putting a positive spin on it. Get in the mindset that a workout is often only an hour or in some cases 45 minutes, a short window in the span of a day! “I can manage and will do what I can.  I am not going to the guillotine but am blessed to have a chance to workout.”   Remind yourself, how much better you will feel afterwards.  Plan to kill two birds with one stone, combine a trip to gym with shopping after.  “Self” you can say, “I have to get in the car anyway to get supplies, I may as well get in a workout on the way.”   Once you get through the door of the gym, make the workout more manageable by breaking it down in your mind.   This tactic got me through a long 21097m row which really, my friends, after you knock off the 1097m buy-in is only 20 rounds of a 1000m.  Doable!   I told myself, all you have to do is take it 1000m at a time and don’t look beyond. Just chip away at one round and before you know it finito.  I can see the days growing shorter and I’m starting to pull out the sack of tricks needed to stay fit in the Fall when a cozy sweater, comfort food and the couch call.  But we will not succumb and Fall flab will be fought! Off the couch and into the gym we shall go.  See you there!

Loved seeing odd objects flying around gym Friday! Nice work all!

Upcoming Athletics Workouts

10.4.20 11:15am

Hello Sunday Morning

Squat in: 4 mins solid air squats

Then: 10 rounds

8 burpees over a dumbbell

8 single (goblet) dumbbell step-back lunges

8 single arm dumbbell floor press (4 per side)

Ab out:  4 rounds 20 lying knees to elbow/20 cross-touch dead bugs

Go slow and steady with air squat buy-in.  Let’s focus on getting the right shoulder width stance, sending our hips back and then down to gently tap a med ball target, keeping our chest up, knees out and hitting full extension at the top each rep.  Looking for a heavy 4 reps a side for floor press, challenge yourself!  Lunge and floor press weights need not be the same.

Monday 10.5.20 6pm

21 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
21 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
18 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
18 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
15 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
15 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
12 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
12 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
9 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
9 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run

Midline finish:  10 plank-up downs/25 ab mat sit-ups x 4

Double dumbbell or barbell Front Squats from the floor – go for a light-moderate weight you can complete in 1-2 sets throughout workout.  Pull-ups: find a progression that allows 3-5 reps at the start.