Going strong all! Below is Wednesday night’s workout to carry us forth. A Christmas Day do-it-at home Athletics workout will be posted Christmas Eve.  A stocking stuffer for you. Ho! Ho! Ho!

6pm 12.23.20


A. 800 m run into:

4 rounds:

30 single arm dumbbell shoulder to overhead

20 box jumps

10 single arm dumbbell front squats

B. 800 m run into:

2 rounds:

10 alternating arm dumbbell shoulder to overhead

20 dumbbell box step ups

30 single arm dumbbell front squats

WOD Notes:  Switch arms every 5th rep for dumbbell movements.  Shoulder to overhead = press, push-press or push jerk (demos at :31 in link). Home gym modifications = odd object shoulder to overhead and front squats i.e. sack of rice.  Broad jump or jump squats for box jumps.

Low cardio option: replace 800 m run with 400 m DB Farmer’s Carry (in gym two trips to 6th tree/at home = 5 min weighted walk about). Complete DB step ups for box jumps and DB lunges for box step ups.

Cool Down:

Ab Circuit.7  1-4 rounds

1 min cross-touch dead-bugs

1 min center plank

1 min slow flutter kicks

1 min rest

Box Stretches: calf, pigeon, prayer plus :60 prone belly breathing, hydrate!