6pm 1. 27.21

Warm Up:

5 rounds

20 Hindu Squats

10 Rocking Push-Ups

10 Down Dog Calf Climbers

10 Scapular Retractions


1 mile run or 2km row/ski/bike into:


Strict Pull-ups

Weighted Get-up to Step-up

Out with: 1 mile run or 2km/ski/bike

Cool Down:

Midline: Alternate between 10 slow glute bridges and 10 crosstouch dead bugs x 3 rounds.  End with 60 seconds belly breathing – lying on back knees up, hugged to chest.

Basic Stretch Routine: Down Dog to dragon/pigeon/thread the needle/child’s pose

WOD Notes:  Home Gym options: Run = 2 mins fast cross crawls, 2 mins skipping, 2 mins squat thrusts,  2 mins boxing jabs.  Pull-ups = 2x odd object row or plank up downs reps: 20-18-16 etc. Weighted get-up to weighted lunge if not object to step up to.  In gym, select object for get up/step that provides a challenging 10 reps.  Low cardio gym option = 8 min EMOM 5 strict press in place of run – choose one weighted movement to buy-in and one to buy-out.

Wednesday Rock (playlist)