6pm 2.24.21

Warm Up:

With a Broomstick* complete 2 rounds of:

10 Shoulder Pass Throughs

10 Full Body Rocks

10 Get Ups

10 Squat to Press up

*use for all warm-up movements

Followed by 5 mins row, ski, bike or run



Squat to Press

Ring Rows

Farmer’s Carry to 5th and Highbury


Odd object ground to overhead

Shoulder tap plank up-downs

Farmer’s Carry to 5th and Highbury

WOD notes:  2 Farmer’s Carries in WOd. 1 after Squat to Press/Ring Row reps completed and one after G2OH/up down segment.  Carry can be replaced with a 5 min static weighted hold. Home gym ring row sub are tri-cep dips, go as low as possible, if greater challenge needed add light weight if available.  For other movements select weights that allow sets of 5-10.  Find challenging foot position for ring rows i.e. sets of 5/max 10 at a time.   Odd objects are plates, one dumbbell, medicine ball for G2OH.  Use 2 dumbbells or KB for carry, at weight that requires only a couple quick breaks.  Keep chest up and shoulders back!

Cool Down:  5 mins bike, row, ski, run plus 10 head nods/rotations/bird dogs :30 each side reaching pigeon, child’s pose with belly breathing :60.

Soar on friends!