6pm 3.10.21

Warm Up:

5 mins amrap:

10 full body rocks to sky reach

15 cross touch squats

20 sit-ups

Then complete 5 reps of each movement in order.

WOD:  Basics EMOM 35

5 rounds of:

Min 1 and 2 = get-ups

Min 3 = empty barbell strict press

Min 4 = empty barbell back squat

Min 5 and 6 = calorie row/bike/ski/run/step-ups/squat thrusts

Min 7 = plate walks

WOD Notes:  Subs: perform get-ups with or without weight.  Can add light weight to barbell movements or use dumbbells.  Select option for minutes 5 and 6 best aligned with your space and goals. Shoulder taps or plank can replace plate walks. WOD stimulus is steady grind.  Use weights that let you keep moving but make you glad to proceed to next movement! Please have a timer at your ready or estimate number of reps completed in a minute and hit that number each round. 400 m would be distance for min 5 and 6.

Cool Down:

10 bird dogs/head nods/rotations/hands and knees rock/walking dog/:60 second child’s pose.