6pm 12.9.2020

Broomstick Warm-Up.2

2 Rounds:

10 Broomstick shoulder pass throughs

20 Half-kneeing rotations with broom on back

20 Lying leg lifts, 10 each side

10 Broomstick overhead squats

20 Hops over broomstick

WOD:  Basic Training.10

5 Rounds

22 Box Dips

22 Single DB Box Step ups

22 Plank Jump-Ins

22 Single Dumbbell (DB) Curl to Press

22 Single DB Front Squats

Midline finish options (choose 1)

100 cross-touch ab mat sit-ups

30 DB Russian Twists and 30 L-Overs x 2

:60 second prone cobra and 2 mins of gait bugs

Cool Down:  Lying hamstring stretch, child’s pose, 2 mins angel breathing, drink 4 oz+ water.

WOD Notes: 

Master the basics. Reap the re-wards! Box Dips can be replaced with a single dumbbell skull crusher.  For single DB movements complete 11 reps on one side before moving to other.  Aim for unbroken reps that provide enough of a challenge that you are glad to switch sides! Fresh air subs for plank jump-ins are 200 m run or overhead plate carry (go light enough to maintain arms locked out with plate poised over head, try to make it to turn around sans break).

Cross Touch Ab Mat Situp: Sit up, twist and touch opposite elbow to opposite knee, that is one rep.  Take time, even pausing for a quick sec.

Prone Cobra: Lie face down on floor, legs straight, arms next to sides, rotate arms so thumbs point towards ceiling, squeeze glutes and raise head, chest, arms and legs off floor, keep eye looking up on horizon. If you can’t hold for 60 secs, rest and work to accumulate 60 secs. Too easy? Hold light dumbbells in your hands.

Wednesday.  We’ve got you!