6pm 12. 16. 2020

Warm Up (10 mins):

Complete one minute of each movement x 2.

  • Full Body Rocks to prayer squat to sky reach
  • Hamstring Roll outs
  • Glute Bridge Walk outs
  • Shoulder pull-overs with pause
  • Moving plank to down dog

WOD:  On the Wall


*Complete a :45 second wall sit after every 2 rounds; adding 5 seconds to each wall sit thereafter i.e. at set 4, 6, 8 … .  If you break stop timer, shake out & restart where you left off until allotted time accumulated on wall.

Midline Option: Ab Circuit. 6

2-4 rounds:

20 tuck crunches, 20 flutter kicks, 20 plank plate steps,  20 cross touch ab mat sit-ups

Rest as needed between sets

Cool Down:  Rag doll hang, dragon, pigeon, child’s pose  :60 prone breathing

WOD Notes:  Use weight for deadlift that you can complete 10 reps in one set – barbell, dumbell, kettlebell.  Pull-up modifications = bands, ring rows x 10, renegade rows or bent over rows 5 per side – select movement that let’s you clear station in about 90 seconds.  Work to pick up pace on cross-crawl squats but take second to get set up well on deadlift thereafter. Legs will be shaky from wall sit for cross crawl squats, but that’s a good thing and they recover!

Home Gym:  Sub for deadlift if required = odd object swings or ground to overheads x 10.

Mid-week. Mid-December! Let’s hit it!