6pm 1.20.21

Warm Up:

Set timer for 5 mins and repeat:

20 Hindu Squats

10 Full Body Rocks to Sky

20 Jumping Jacks


1 mile run into:

10 rounds of:

7 Odd-Object Thrusters

5 Pull-Ups


100 combo steps-ups/box jumps

AB out:

2 slow rounds of:

21 cross touch ab mat sit-ups

21 dead-bugs

21 windshield wipers

End with :60 seconds commando breathing and a simple stretch of down dog into dragon/pigeon/child’s pose

WOD Notes:  Thruster implement options are medicine balls, sandbags, plates, kegs or use a barbell or do a dumbbell goblet thruster or double dumbbell thruster. Select weight that allows 7 unbroken reps per round.  Modifications for pull-ups = bands, jumping pull-ups,  3 negatives, 7-10 ring rows, barbell or dumbbell rows x 7. Run sub = 2 km row/bike/ski erg. Complete 10 steps-up then 10 box jumps until 100 reps total achieved.

Home Gym: In home run sub = 2 rounds of: 1 min get ups, 1 min plank to leg lift and 2 mins high energy cross-crawls. Heave a sack, book, or other object from squat to overhead for Thrusters. Pull-up subs to consider are: a combo of 5 solid tri-cep dips and 5 elevated push-ups or odd object rows x 10.  Sub a step back lunge with high knee hop or a lateral lunge with high knee for box jump/step-up – 50 reps per side.