6 pm 12.2.20

Warm Up:

2 mins track starters

1 min bar or ring hang with slight twist about

1 min wall sit or squat hold

1 min banded pull-aparts and pull-overs

1 min plank jacks


Night Fall

5 rounds

100’ walking lunge (or 40 alternating lunges in place)

200 m single DB or KB front rack carry (switch arms at turn-around)

30 ab mat sit-ups

400 m run

WOD Notes:  Open Gym goers consider your fitness goals and if you want to adapt workout to based on what you’ve done so far this week. For instance, could sub ring rows for sit-ups and change front rack carry to farmer’s carry with bells at your sides.   Option to row, bike or ski erg x 500 m for run.  Key to an effective loaded carry is getting the weight right for you given the distance and type of carry at hand.  If you cannot maintain good posture i.e. proud chest, shoulders back and tight midline for distance specified go lighter or take more breaks. Simply shake it out, re-set and carry-on. Heavier, with more short breaks helps build grip, shoulder, leg and midline strength over time.  Lighter and longer has merits on endurance front, provided a solid distance is being tackled i.e. 400m+

Home Gym:  40 lunges alternating legs.  Sub, if you do not have a single object to hold in front rack position for a carry about, is to hoist a household object overhead i.e. a can of soup and hold it there for 75 seconds, arm locked out straight behind ear then switch arms.  Or bear hug a heavy bag and walk around for 90 seconds.  For 400m run go out your door 1 min one way and 1 min back or run in place two minutes or complete 20 burpees or mix of 10 burpees and 10 stand-ups

Re-set Cool Down:

Aim for nasal breathing through-out movements, mouth closed, tongue on roof of mouth behind teeth, taking big breaths from belly, letting out through nose.  Slow, quality reps with conscious breathing is what we are after here.

20 rocks to prayer squat

20 bird dogs and 20 speed skaters

20 dead bugs and 20 gait bugs

20 rocking chairs

20 head nods/20 rotations

1 minutes knee to chest belly breathing, 1 min prone belly breathing

Hydrate and give self a salute!