Monday! A new day and week at hand.  Embrace the fresh start and get your workouts for the week scheduled into a tablet of stone.  Personal experience is everything looks and feels better with a regular exercise routine, hard as it is right now.  Hats off for getting those workouts done last week wearing a mask or on Zoom.  Not easy but you did it!

Blast this song if you start to lag and charge on. Fight the good fight friends!

Monday Couch Buster 6pm 12.07.2020

6 min Mountain Warm Up:

1 Full Body Rock to Stand (FBR)

1 Paused air squat (AS)

Flow: for 6 mins complete 1 FBR, then add 1 rep to paused air squat, so 1 FBR plus 2 AS then 1 FBR, 3 AS, 1 FB, 4 AS ….. FBR always stays at 1 rep.


400 m run


Calorie Row/Bike/SKI Erg/Burpee to or over G2OH object for reps (choose 1 cardio option)

Ground to Overhead (G2OH) (plate, dumbbell snatch, med ball)

800 m run



Wall Ball

400 m run

Finish:  3 min Deadbug amrap (strive for head and tailbone up)

Cool Down:  2 mins diaphragm breathing, gently hug knees to chest

WOD Set-Up Options:   Home cardio subs = running in place, mountain climbers, skipping, line hops, marching, stair repeats, squat thrust burpees, stand ups 2:30 for 400, 5 mins for 800.  Wall Balls = DB or back-pack thrusters. Pull-ups = Ring Rows, banded pull-ups, Bent over rows from plank position or box/bench, tri-cep dips.  WOD structure = run 400 meters, then complete 30 cal on rower or alt and 30 g2oh, then 20 cals on rower, 20 g2oh …

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today! – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.