Warm Up:  

6 minute mountain:

Flow: complete 1 elbow roll per side, then 1 rocking pushup, 1 prayer squat to sky reach, then 2 elbow rolls, 2 rocking pushups, 2 prayer squats to sky reach, adding 1 rep to each movement until 6 minutes is up.

WOD: 4pm 1.15.2021

Friday Chipper

100 light weight overhead squats

90 weighted Russian twists

80 curtsy lunges

70 plate ground to overhead

60 weighted get-ups

500 meter run

40 plate raise to press out

30 plank up downs

20 pistols (10 per side)

10 side shuffle burpees

Cool Down: 1 min slow cross-crawls, 2 minutes belly breathing knees hugged to chest, 1 min child’s pose.

WOD ModificationsCross Crawl rotational squats for overhead squats, 90 second plank for twists, add light weight to lunges, odd object ground to overhead or dumbbell snatches (35 per side), body weight get-ups, odd object raise to press out or plank shoulder taps: 2 taps =1 rep, push-ups for plank-up downs, pistols to box/chair, burpee of choice.

To make this weekend: